Just had a look to the blog's statistics, and noticed some of you read these pages through automated translators.

Although these tools are much fun once in a while when you know both languages, and very useful in spite of all their limitations when you don't (I can't quite remember why I needed that much nl->en/fr translations last winter :-)), at least regarding english I might be able to do something a bit less... robotic.

So now is an appropriate time to voice your interest, either in the comments or through email (poster's name @sleibt.eu).

What I don't quite know yet is how best to do this. The easy fix is bi-lingual entries (hope Fabien has no patent on this ;-)), but I would prefer for the blog to just serve the english version when user's browser state the preferred language is en*. Not sure Gandi's installation of Dotclear can do this.

(Que les lecteurs francophones se rassurent, ce n'est pas parce que je propose aux anglophones de leur faire des traductions que la langue du blog va changer. On a besoin de contenu vélomobiliste en français.)